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Right about the money . . .
Saturday, August 2nd, 2008: Mercury Semisquare Moon — These are the times that can try your soul — even if you’re determined not to let that happen.  You can’t be happy about feeling unappreciated and overburdened, so don’t pretend it’s okay.  Express yourself, and put an end to this.  Then do something delightful for yourself.
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Right on the money . . .
Friday, August 1st, 2008 — You may be standing on shifting sand as the eclipse falls in your 4th House of Foundations.  Although you are able to display an air of certainty, you aren’t feeling as secure as others think.  Even if you normally feel supported in your efforts by your close friends and family, issues come to light now that make you wonder if you can truly count on them.  Ultimately, your answers won’t come from anyone else; they must come from within.
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On the morning of my solar return!
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 — You are entering a month of higher intellectual focus and will need to take care of business. Spend more time organizing your personal finances and making your immediate surroundings more pleasant. Don’t be lazy and slip back into your old routines; take some risks, but don’t get overly attached to the outcome of your work.
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Ah, so this is where those hot flashes are coming from . . .
Apr 29, 2007 – Transiting Mars Conjunct Natal Mars
Mars returns to the place it held in your chart at birth, which it does every two years. The first time was the terrible twos, and you’ve got them again. Working on your inner child could put you into a perpetual tantrum. Instead of pouting against unfulfilled wishes, generate a two-year plan to move your life into a higher gear. Hit your reset button, focus and restart the engines. Use that high energy you’re feeling to create something new, rather than defending the past.
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So far I am unwittingly picking the best days to write – will it ever become a daily affair?
Feb 01, 2007 – Transiting Mercury Trine Natal Moon
Poetry comes to mind. So does writing a novel, screenplay or essay concerning the condition of human emotion. Of course, whatever you write completely reveals your state of sensitivity. Funny thing, though-everyone loves and completely relates to whatever you write, say or record.
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Another perfect day for updating my blog:

Dear a,
Here is your horoscope for Monday, November 27, 2006:
Reach out to your friends and talk things over — sharing your problems is a great way to reconnect with someone else, because you enable that person to share problems with you.  This wisdom gifted to me by

I’m hoping there is a synchronicity between this forecast and starting this blog on this day:

Dear a,
Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, August 22, 2006:
You excel at being a cheerleader for the people you care about. Now the stars give you the chance to put all that energy into realizing your own dream. You might find some karmic support coming back to you in spades.  This wisdom gifted to me by










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