I’ve been doing some rearranging on this site to make it easier for me (and readers) to keep track of my blogs on Age Gap relationships (see left side bar – Age Gap Relationships category) and will soon be doing the same for my other BlogHer blogs. 

But wait, you say, there are very cool list agents that could do the same thing by just cutting and pasting a little bit of code from their site – for instance, like the Bloglines site.  True, but WordPress somehow considers that code “advertising” and won’t let me paste it onto my site.  My only recourse – do a manually generated list, or change my blog host.

My CTO was talking to me about my blog one day, he likes my writing style and thinks I should capitalize on it, but regarding the page in general he said, “no ads – a lot of wasted space.”

So what do you think?  Would a few innocuous block ads be too annoying?  It seems like every blog I read lately has little ad squares everywhere and they don’t seem to be inhibiting my reading.  (Except for those gross banner ads that move – Yick!)

And, if you think moving my site to a blog host that allows advertising is an okay idea, do you have any preferences?  And why?  I’m asking for feedback here . . . please and thanks.