After almost two years at this, I’ve finally been convinced to step into the Real World of Blogging and have signed up with BlogHer. You can see my debut post here. In retrospect it’s got no great opening hook line, and starts with a recap of why I’m in Mexico, but has a strong finish with my ongoing bad hair adventures. But it’s a start. So if you’d like to know why I now have red hair, click on over to BlogHer.

For those of you who know me as a writer, I’ve received some interest on doing a book on age-gap relationships. So I thought I’d use the BlogHer forum for those posts and this blog for updates on life in Mexico. We’ll see how it works out. At a minimum, I’ll be posting much more frequently here.

For those of you who clicked over from BlogHer, surf around. Here are some of the topics I’ve covered so far on this site:
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