Even though we were willing to wait until the girl was ready to talk to her mom, the mom wasn’t.  After four great days together, on Monday Miguel’s ex went to school early and took the girl out by force.  She’s been locked in her room since yesterday afternoon and didn’t go to school today.  Miguel has called several times and went by to pick her up for school this morning but, of course, they won’t let him speak to her.

Miguel is ready to fight for her – not that she come live with us, but that she be treated with respect and not be abused.  We are waiting to see how long the ex refuses to let Miguel speak to the girl and to see if the abuse has started up again.  We hope that the mom now knows that the girl will leave if maltreated.

By the way, if it seems strange that I refer to her as “the girl” and “the daughter” please understand that it is for our own safety.  There are many unwritten rules on blogging and one of them is to limit personal information.  So, you’ll notice, no names appear on this blog except mine and Miguel.